Hologram Projection uses a beam of light or laser to create 2D or 3D projections. Unlike 3D video projection, hologram projection doesn’t require a medium or a surface to project laser or light beams. 3D Hologram projects products, images, objects and even characters in space, creating an illusion that the objects are floating in space. It only makes a magical impact on the viewer’s mind and makes an event memorable. Dreampoint Production is an expert hologram projection company in India. We have a team of experts and advanced video technology with us to work on client’s needs and complete any challenging hologram projection task. Dreampoint Production has been providing 3D hologram projection services at various types of events like a product launch, award functions, social events, and dance shows.

What is the Holographic Musion Projection System?

It is a large scale Hologram stage system that allows for life-like, life-size images to be displayed. Using the pepper’s ghost concept, we can add a new dimension to your product launch by adding a 3D holographic stage setup that will amaze your audience, capable of high definition 3D video projections. Our hologram stage projections can 'wow' and captivate your audience like never before. There is no need for 3D glasses, the holographic projection techniques that we use means that the 3D Holograms appear to float on stage with astonishing depth.

Applications ofHolographic Projection System

  • Beam your CEO onto the stage as a 3D hologram. He could then give a speech to an audience
  • Show off your company logo and latest product as a spinning, animating 3D hologram
  • Allow a real presenter or celebrity to have a conversation with a virtual version of themselves
  • Have 1 live concert performance live while streaming the performance to different cities and locations at the same time
  • What is the Future of3D Holographic Projection?

    3D holographic projection technology clearly has a big future ahead. As this audio visual display continues to get high profile credibility, we are likely to see more companies advertising their products or marketing their business in this way. Whether it be large scale, big budget product launches or smaller retail POS systems, they are likely to become a common feature in the advertising world

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